Website Design Agreement

This Website Design Agreement is a legally binding agreement between me and you (the client). It’s a brief outline containing our working terms and is effective upon submission.

This Website Design & Development Agreement (“Agreement”) is being made between Nina Rose Creative (may be referred to as "me" or "I") and

together we may also be referred to as “Party” or “Parties”.

1. Services

You want your website upgraded and I can’t wait to build it for You. I will provide You with the following services (“Services”) in a timely and professional manner.

Description of Services: Amending page layouts for better user experience.
Editing E-Commerce functionality to the existing website ( including product page clean up, adding additional products, amending cart & checkout process and editing WooCommerce plugin settings for admins and shop managers ease of use.

2. Cost + Payment

Payment can be made via bank transfer or PayPal with the details you will receive upon completing and submitting this agreement.
Total: £149.99 (Sale price)
The full balance is due within 48 hours of completion of the Services. Failure to make the payment within 14 days of completion of the Services will result in your site being reverted back.

3. Timeline

I want to keep You informed of the progress that is being made on your website, so you can request a review via Zoom, Skype, phone or email. I will share my work with You after each of the Services are completed for you to review. The Services will be completed by 10th December 2020.

4. Availability

You can contact me via phone, email and/or text 9am-8pm on weekdays and 10am-4pm on Saturdays. I do not work on Sundays but if there is an emergency such as the website being down or a customer unable to pay, you can contact me via phone or email.

5. Intellectual Property

You will own the final design of the amended website and any visuals that I provide with it. I will turn over my work product, including any necessary files, and backup the website. You will receive complimentary website care & maintenance for 28 days after your website has launched. You guarantee that You have the legal right to all elements of text, photographs, and anything else that You provide to me with and that You will not hold me responsible for any third-party claims.

You will own any copyrightable work, ideas, inventions, products, or other information that I create in connection with the Services I provide on the basis that I can use your amended site as a case study for my portfolio. I guarantee that I have the legal right to all elements related to the Services I provide and will not hold You responsible for any third-party claims.

6. Termination

I would really hate to see You go but if You decide for any reason that I don't meet your expectations, You can end this Agreement by giving me a written notice and paying me for the Services that I have completed as stated in the invoice.

If either Party fails to follow through with their responsibilities or obligations under this Agreement, the other Party can end this Agreement by giving a seven (7) day written notice.

This Agreement will automatically terminate when both Parties have performed all of their obligations under the Agreement and all payments have been made.

I, Rozina Mwanahiba, the Recipient at Nina Rose Creative agree to the terms stated above on 8th December 2020.

agree to terms and conditions in this Website Design Agreement